✅ There must be two parents in the household.

Foster families are very diverse! Some homes have one parent, while others may have two.

✅ I have to be old(er).

If you’re at least 21, you can become a foster parent!

✅ I’m too old to foster.

Some of the best foster parents are empty-nesters that have already raised children and still have love and care in their hearts to share with a child.

✅ I cannot work outside my home.

Many foster parents have full or part-time jobs outside the home.

✅ I will get too attached to the child and will not be able to let go.

The goal is that you will become attached to the child! That means you provided the love, care, and safety that they desperately needed. Although it is painful to let go, it is also rewarding to see the child you love healthfully reunified to his/her biological family. Often, foster parents remain as strong and consistent loving adults in the child’s life.

✅ Kids in foster care are delinquents.

The inability or unwillingness of biological parents to care for their children is the reason that children enter the foster care system.

✅ It's too much work to become a licensed foster parent.

While it is a thorough process to become licensed and approved as a foster parent, it is not too difficult. Our staff will walk with you every step of the way and support you in every way possible.

✅ I will have to take any kid without a say.

You specify the types of kids that you feel comfortable taking in, and are given the choice to accept a placement.

✅ I won't be equipped to handle problems that come up.

We will do our best to prepare you for your foster placements, but the reality is that things will come up that you do not feel prepared for. Our staff is available to help guide you and walk you through any situation that may arise, For emergencies, you will have 24 hour agency access.