These children need loving parents, but they also need parents who are willing to commit to the job of raising a child. They need parents who are willing to equip themselves with the skills that will help them be successful parents for children who have experienced trauma and may have unresolved issues of grief and anger. More than anything, these kids need parents who are willing to accept them as they are, and to help them heal so that they can grow to reach their potential. Foster Parent Traits

The list below are some qualifications foster parents should have to help with the challenges they may face with the children that are temporarily placed in their home.

✅ Loving

✅ Persistent

✅ Resilient

✅ Caring

✅ Structured

✅ Appreciative Of The Small Gains

✅ Teachable

✅ Follow-through

✅ Team Player

✅ Committed

✅ Positive Role Model

✅ Surrounded By Supportive Community

✅ Accepting

✅ Flexible

✅ Ability To Advocate

✅ Patient

✅ Honest

✅ Culturally Sensitive

✅ Calm In Stressful Situations

✅ Trustworthy

✅ Good Sense Of Humor

✅ Problem Solving Skills

✅ Consistent

✅ Humble

✅ Empathetic

✅ Encouraging