Thousands of children in Ohio are waiting.
Could you be a foster parent?

We provide short term fostering, long term fostering,
and fostering to potentially adopt a child.

Short Term Fostering

This type of fostering is intended for a relatively short period of time, including anything from one overnight stay to several months. A child will remain in a short term fostering placement until either they can return home to their biological family, or are placed into a longer term fostering arrangement.

Long Term Fostering

Often, a child will not be able to return to his or her birth family for a number of years, and therefore will need a safe and supportive fostering placement on a longer term basis.

Fostering to Potentially Adopt

These placements involve foster parents who are willing and able to adopt the foster child placed with them, should that child become legally available for adoption. In the cases where parental rights are terminated, these foster-to-adopt placements provide the most stability for a child.