You may be surprised at how easily you may qualify to become a foster parent!

At Foster for a Difference we welcome foster moms and dads from all walks of life! There are some common misconceptions about who can be a foster parent, but we are here to dismantle those: You DON’T have to be wealthy, married, heterosexual, a specific religion or race, or be experienced to be a foster parent! You can work outside the home. You can be retired. You can have pets … and the list goes on!

These are some general requirements to becoming a
foster parent:

✅ Must be 18 years or older

✅ Must have an approved Home Study
(which we will provide)

✅ Must have a spare bedroom

✅ Must complete 39 hours of required
pre-service training (which we provide at no cost)

✅ Must pass a criminal background check; cannot have a disqualifying criminal conviction

✅ Must have at least one member of the household able to communicate in English

✅ Must have a certified state fire safety inspector or the state fire marshal’s office certify that your home is free of hazardous conditions

✅ Must be healthy – physically, emotionally, and mentally – in order to meet the needs of your foster child

✅ Must be able to financially provide for your own basic needs, and the needs of the child